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How do I . . .


Approve/deny a band or dj?

It's basically a 2 step process - Approve the band/dj, then change their user role to give them  the priveledges they need.

Approve/Deny band/dj

Goto Pending Applications

Choose "Edit" on the group you want to change

Change approval status

Change Tier


Change a user's permissions

Visit user's profile (Master list of users)

Click on Edit

Under "Roles" Add to "Band/DJ"

*You may have to manually enter their email address - get it from the information they've submitted.



 Migrate a user from the old system?

We added all the accounts from the old system manually, so they aren't connected correctly to their respected users. Users of the old system must create a NetID and submit a migration request form.  Once they become 'owners' of a DJ/Band they have access to edit any of it's information.

When a request is recieved - email the old email address to confirm that the NetID is actually theirs.

Click on the dj/band and then click edit

Way at the bottom there is an "Authoring Information" Section. Expand it.

Type in their NetID as the author.



Change a user's password

 All users log in using their BYU credentials, and therefore we can't directly change their password. They can change their password from this site, or if they have forgotten it they can call OIT at (801) 422-4000.